The North Dorset Trailway (extended)

The    North    Dorset    Trailway     runs    along    the    route    of    the    old Somerset    and    Dorset    Railway    line    and    takes    you    through    some picturesque    villages    of    the    Blackmore    Vale.    The    old    railway    line provides   an   ideal   route   for   a   Trailway   as   it   links   many   of   North Dorset's towns and villages. There   are   four   sections   you   can   currently   visit   that   take   you through   some   of   North   Dorset's   spectacular   countryside,   towns and     villages     with     views     of     Hambledon      Hill     and     the meandering River Stour . The   trail   runs   along   a   flat,   surfaced   3   metre   wide   track   suitable for push chairs, mobility vehicles, horses, bicycles and walkers.
The Trailway in leisure use - unattributed



The Trailway over the River Stour - unattributed The North Dorset Trailway with Stourpaine highlighted Trailway Stourpaine

Stourpaine is our village in the Blackmore Vale in North Dorset, England, on the River Stour

You can stop for refreshments at the White Horse Inn .

Map information: OS Explorer series

117,118,129         Districts covered: North Dorset

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